What is the Dow Jones lottery result? Is it worth playing?

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What is the Dow Jones lottery result? Is it worth playing?

The Dow Jones Lottery is the result of the US stock lottery. Thai people can easily play this type of stock lottery by playing through online lottery websites that will have stock lottery from many countries to choose from according to their needs. The stock lottery will be a large group of stocks within the United States. For Thai lottery fans, they will able to easily play the Dow Jones stock lottery. because there is a form of lottery betting that is the same as all underground lottery in Thailand will be outstanding in terms of playing in the form of 3 upper numbers, 3 toots and 2 upper-bottom numbers.

Which Dow Jones lottery results It will issue from time and will close on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays in the United States, so the Dow Jones lottery results. Therefore, it is release up to 5 times a week. Causing most lottery lovers to play the stock lottery very much For those. Who already have knowledge in stock trading, they can come and play in stocks at great value.

How to view Dow Jones lottery results correctly

Viewing the results can be easily understood because there is a form of viewing lottery results that chooses to use Volume and Change values ​​from stocks Focus on using results after the stock market has been closed as the value of the prize draw result. There are ways to view the results of the Dow Jones stock lottery as follows.

  • If the volume of Dow stocks is issue at 26,573.72, the top 3 digits are 372 and the top 2 digits are 72. The number is 1 digit before the decimal point and 2 digits after the decimal point.
  • If the Dow Jones stock’s change value is 372.68, the bottom two prizes are 68, only the numbers after the decimal point will be highlighted.

The payout rate of the will different for each website. Because there will be both the full payment rate and the discount that each website will give differently With some websites, it may offer a full payout rate for the top 3 digits as high as 750-800 baht per baht and may offer a high discount of 30-40 percent ever. In addition, some sites offer various payment plans. Whether it’s regular payment, VIP payment, or both 3 and 4 payment plans that each website will think of a plan to meet the needs of each lottery fan.