Manchester City officially releases Matheus Nunes.

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Manchester City officially releases Matheus Nunes.

The Blue Sailboat is still not exhausted in strengthening the army in the final arc of the market players. This latest one is no one anywhere. Matheus Nunes, a good midfielder from Wolverhampton that.

Manchester City sign Wolves midfielder Matheus Nunes Officially joine the team with a value of 62 million euros.

Officially launched just in time before the market closes. For this midfielder, the Blue Sailboat itself did not take long to successfully flirt and grab the team.

The 25-year-old will sign a five-year contract at the Etihad Stadium as the fourth first-team signing this summer following Mateo Kovacic. Asco Guardiol and Jeremy Dogu

Nunes only moved to the Wolves last season from Sporting Lisbon. But has able to perform outstandingly in the central midfield role with both great individual ability and strength, including That sharp vision


Matheus was born in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil but move to Portugal when he was 12.  

His stepdad is from Sunderland and helped him learn English as a youngster and develop his love for the Premier League.  

“It would be in the mornings, because in Brazil, we were about four hours behind here in England, so in the weekend, every morning we would spend watching Sunderland on the TV,” he told ufabet