Unai to talk to Martinez over his overjoyed gesture

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Unai to talk to Martinez over his overjoyed gesture.

Aston Villa boss Unai Emery has spoken out about Emiliano Martinez’s overjoyed display of Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez.

Martinez, 30, has a contract with Aston. Until mid-2027, Villa went on to achieve national success by winning the 2022 World Cup, thanks to his outstanding performances, especially in penalty saves. However, he has been criticized for showing excessive joy on several occasions. Including during the victory celebrations where there was a mockery of Kylian Mbappe, the French national team striker, which Emery, who had just taken over Aston Villa in October, mentioned this story.

“When you’re in a good mood. Sometimes it’s hard to control. I will be speaking to him next week about his celebrations. But I respect him now with the Argentina national team. Which when he returned to the club He will become our responsibility. And we will have discussions about it.”

“We are proud of him. He won the world championship with his national team. And it’s the best. He will return to the team next week. After a big period. and hard work We want him to have a little rest before training again.”

Aston Villa play their first Premier League game after the Qatar 2022 World Cup at home to Liverpool.