Bellingham is fully fit and ready to visit Valencia.

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Jude Bellingham has recovered from his ankle injury and is ready to play against Valencia on the Liga football stage this Saturday.

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti has confirmed that. Both Jude Bellingham and Jose Luis Mato San Martin Joselu are fully fit and ready for the away game against Valencia. The Liga stage this Saturday, according to a report from ‘Deario AS’ last Friday ทางเข้า UFABET 

Bellingham injured his ankle in a game against Girona in early February and had to rest for three weeks to rehabilitate. He missed the past three games in all competitions. During that time, the Whites scored only 3 goals. Before the 20-year-old midfielder recovered and was ready to play away at the Mestalla stadium on Saturday. After returning to practice with teammates on Friday. 

‘He’s 100 per cent fit. Everything he did and needed to do on a personal level was OK. He felt comfortable with his ankle. He is at his best, he will play,’ Ancelotti confirmed.

The Italian trainer also revealed that Joselu, whose ankle was swollen and missed 2-3 games has recovered and is available as an option as well. Although there are reports that the 34-year-old striker will have to rest for another week. But he recovered faster than expected.