Life after the end of “World Cup”

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Life after the end of “World Cup

The 2022 World Cup is over and Qatar is about to return to their normal environment. Like happiness, fulfillment and disappointment mixed together for football fans. But for the author This World Cup shows that the “football world”, no matter. Which continent, is representative of every continent. This proved to be a close tournament. and as close as possible once It’s not just a single final. And believe that it will be the World Cup in the memory of many people. When mentioned The “Most Fun World Cup” of 2022 will certainly be one of them.

Come back to the football league again. One more day after this “English football” will return to play. Starting with the Carabao Cup fourth round as the first game. Followe by the Premier League in the boxing day game. extending until January 5, “3 games in 9-11 days” depending on the schedule of each team’s competition. Of course, each club has been preparing a team since early December. Many teams start at the end of November. Especially teams that have a chance to win the Premier League title or teams. That have recently changed their managers such as Aston Villa or Wolves, etc. There are some tours every now and then. It’s part of the process of getting the team as ready as possible after a month’s “rest”.

For players participating in the World Cup Finals Almost all of them get to rest in the same time frame. That is, when you are eliminate, plus 7-10 days. Depending on the case, depending on the club in agreeing to call each other. But there will be some special cases Such is the case with Takehiro Tomiyasu, Arsenal defender. In which the player has mental problems. After being eliminated from the World Cup, causing more rest than usual, in contrast to Aaron Ramsdale. An English outpost who, despite being eliminated in the final 8 teams, he did not play at all. Because he was on the team The substitute is ready to return to training immediately. After less than 1 full week of rest, it depends on the consideration of each coach.

Manchester United boss Erik ten Hag said. His team had a plan in place before the World Cup before the World Cup, what kind of program would have to be prepare. If players were eliminated at the World Cup. to prevent confusion among players in preparation

Pep Guardiola insists he wants his players to get as much rest as possible. But if eliminated at the end, it may be given a short break because the team immediately needs players to play in the Premier League.

David Moyes has made it very clear. That everyone in the West Ham World Cup squad will rest for 10 days after the elimination before returning to training. Therefore, who is eliminated from the last 8 teams has the opportunity to play in the Boxing Day game. Almost impossible. Because just returned to practice

While the “world champion” players must first ask if they have slept yet. After a long-awaited night that the whole country has been waiting for. This is a reality by Argentina, Emiliano Martinez, Lisandro Martinez, Christian Romero, Alexis. Mac Allister, including Julian Alvarez, the main body of the team in the club. And still do not know when they will return to play in the Premier League because. When they are finally happy concentrate commitment to return not easy. This does not include physical conditioning for the rest of the season.

The Premier League is no longer on hiatus after a few seasons introducing a mid-season break in February. But this year, with the time taken by the World Cup, this year there will be no breaks. European national team matches will resume in March 2023 with the Euro 2024. Qualifiers being host by Germany. While the African Cup of Nations finals will take place later in the month. January 2024

For European club football, it will resume in February 2023. The Champions League will start in the last 16 at this time, but for the Europa League and Europa Conference League will begin. The playoff round will determine which teams will qualify for the round of 16, and the round of 16 for both competitions will begin in early March 2023.

Football and the lives of football fans are about to return to normal again. with the path to win success in the last 5 months remaining in this season